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 From: The desk of Helen Wilkie

Re: How to improve your most important job skill ---writing

It's a proven fact: better writing skills make you a better employee as well as more valuable on the job market! I'll help you improve your writing skills with my free writing tips.

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Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

- The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Jargon
How to Make Sure You Address Both Male and Female Readers
- How to Cut Out Useless Words That Add Nothing to Your Message
How to Write a Great Subject Line for Your E-mails
- An Easy Way to Structure Paragraphs
How to Choose the Right Word at the Right Time--Every Time
- The Correct Way to Address a Letter to a Company

                                                   ...and so much more!

Some tips are about grammar, while others are about writing style. Some are specific to e-mail or letters or memos, while others are designed simply to help you write more effective whatever the purpose.

You'll receive these valuable tips right in your e-mailbox twice every week. Each tip takes less than a minute to read---and that tiny investment of your time could be just what you need to get all your messages across clearly, concisely and effectively. Just think what that could do for your career!

As a communication specialist, I've taught thousands of people --- including executives, managers, secretaries, lawyers, salespeople, accounts and more --- to be more successful at their jobs and improve their career prospects by sharpening their business writing skills. I can do the same for you!

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Helen Wilkie